Skill development: What hiring trends say about the skills employers are seeking in 2021

Skill development - Hiring trends

Undeniably, Covid-19 has changed how the world functions. Today’s job market is constantly evolving. Over the past year, we have seen an increasing dependency on technology. People adapted to work from home using various technological tools. As a result, skill development has become the need of the hour for most people seeking jobs. 

What is Skill Development? 

Hiring trends are changing as quickly as employers expect a potential employee’s skills to adapt. Companies are facing skill challenges and adapting their hiring policies to make up for the gaps. Many positions in companies are in demand but hard to fill because of skill gaps. Employers are seeking potential employees who have some technical and soft skills they consider to be essential. 

Why Should You Aim To Upskill? 

Companies are seeing talent as a renewable resource and are changing their policies to acquire it. Many are offering training to their workforces, enabling employees to grow in their current positions and add value to the organization. Many individuals prefer to upgrade their skills through online courses, night classes, specializations, or any other kind of professional training. The importance of upskilling is more now than ever. Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the job market. Unemployment rates are increasing, and research has proven that the global economy has reduced considerably. At the same time, the world shifted to the digital economy, and the job market is adapting itself to the growing technologies and innovations. Digitalization has created new jobs that did not exist before, like app developers, cloud computing specialists, design thinkers, and social media managers. Moreover, digitalization has created a new demand for technical and soft skills. Hence, it becomes crucial to upgrade your skills and update your resume continuously.

What Skills Are Employers Seeking? 

 As new opportunities open up, here are some areas you can consider to upskill in to present yourself as a strong candidate for potential employment: 

  1. Technical Skills – 2021 has seen a digital transformation take place. The nature of remote work and the changing digital economy have made IT and technical expertise valuable for companies. Some other in-demand skills are Robotic process automation, Cloud computing, ArtificiaI Intelligence (AI), Natulral language processing (NLP) and machine learning(ML), programming, blockchain, VR and AR, User-experience design, app development, audio and video production, and cybersecurity
  2. Language and Translation – Work from home connected people across the globe, and communication became a necessity. Studies have shown that speaking a foreign language increases an employee’s performance at work and salary. 
  3. Data analysis – With digitalisation, the world also moved towards a data-driven world. Companies make big decisions based on the data collected and stored. Moreover, with artificial intelligence making data collection convenient, it becomes vital for job seekers to upskill in data analysis and statistics. 
  4. Soft Skills – Soft skills are personal skills that set you apart from the technical skills needed for a job. Some in-demand soft skills are leadership, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, adaptability, agility, persuasion, growth mindset, and emotional intelligence. Soft skills go a long way in distinguishing you from the crowd. 

Hiring trends in the corporate world have shifted to considering employees with a well-rounded background. As a job seeker in the global pandemic, you can ensure a strong candidacy by using the data and technology available to upskill.

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