aaonri.com – a platform for the South Asian Community in the USA

aaonri.com a website for the South Asian community

Nam Info Inc., announces the launch of AAONRI, an online digital social and e-commerce platform having a presence in the US/Canada and India that adds a new dimension for the South Asian community living in the US by enabling the immigrants to connect, share, buy, sell, learn, seek, register, apply, hire, benefit, grow and more.
Aaonri provides the best community support to the immigrants from the South Asian fraternity staying in the U.S. Aaonri is a one-stop-shop to all regular needs of every immigrant, right from seeking a household service to immigration services easily, securely, and quickly.

Team behind AAONRI
Abhimanyu Diwaker, a second-generation immigrant from India in the US, envisioned helping all the immigrants from South Asia. Abhimanyu came to the US at an early age and had his own experiences in adapting to a new lifestyle, in a foreign land. Realizing he is not alone in the ship, he decided to be the captain of the ship that will help all South Asian communities. The proverbial ship has now started to sail as a fast-growing digital platform ” AAONRI”.    

His mission now is to make www.aaonri.com the go-to website for all South Asians, spread its wings globally to provide all-round and comprehensive support.

Vinay Mahajan, President & CEO of NAM Info Inc, is the key sponsor of AAONRI. Being in the Staff Augmentation and Talent Management business Vinay closely related to the problem AAONRI is set to solve. With a big task on hand, he brings together the strength and experience of NAM Info to make the Community portal a success. Vinay has backed a few tech initiatives aimed at helping solve basic problems that can make a massive difference to an individual and improve their life.

B.J. Venkatesh, President & Head, India operations, is the second sponsor for this initiative. He provides the needed support for the conduct of the day-to-day operations. The backend teams created under his watch help build the system and the unending volumes of information that the immigrants may require. Along with Vinay, he ensures the projects initiated attain their logical conclusion.

We welcome you to join this fast-growing community and explore your personal space to:

  • Discover people from the same community and homeland as yours. You don’t have to go too far to make new friends!
  • Engage with like-minded people and grow your network. Your interests are unique to you. Get connected over events and activities that are common to your community.
  • Find support and advice pertaining to all things living in the US. Hear it directly from the experts, experienced immigrants, and authorized advisors. AAONRI not only connects people but also offers solutions to all the small to major issues faced by immigrants daily.
  • Access local products and services by using the unique Classifieds space on our website. You can buy or sell your products to the relevant audience. Be it a bestseller book or a pet or a pre-used car or an antique art piece, AAONRI offers an organized space for Classifieds related to your community.