My journey across the United States of America with ITServe Alliance

Vinay criss crossing the US with ITServe Alliance

I was appointed a quarter ago as the National President of ITServe Alliance. In my inaugural speech, I addressed the members of ITServe Alliance and shared my vision for the organization’s future. But before I write about this journey, I would like to remember a personal loss NAM Info had to endure. We at NAM had lost one of our young entrepreneurial colleagues from Mumbai – Rahul Bose. He was an ever ready, motivator, confident, self-driven member of our vibrant team. His presence encouraged everyone to set a higher benchmark and deliver better. We will miss you, Rahul. May your soul rest in peace.

Rahul Bose

A strong community of 2000 plus IT organizations in United States

Back to ITServe Alliance, it is a non-profit organization representing nearly 2000 IT companies across the United States and fast adding more members. I am very honored to welcome all our new members and thank all our organizational teams, that are responsible to make this happen. The organization’s mission is to provide a platform for its members to network, collaborate, and advocate for policies that benefit the IT industry.

“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men/women to do what he/she wants done and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”

Theodore Roosevelt

The Vision

I am grateful to the members of ITServe Alliance for giving this opportunity to serve as the organization’s National President and particularly thankful to the organization’s past leaders and their contributions that have made the platform a formidable influential force.

My vision for the future of ITServe Alliance as the National President is to build a stronger, more united organization that can effectively represent the interests of its members. More collaboration among members would encourage them to work together to address common challenges facing the IT services industry.

My speech to the ITServe Alliance members –

Policy Makers

Helping improve policy in favor of members requires constant engagement policy makers. I had the honor of engaging with different policy makers at different times ever since I had become a member of ITServe.

Traveling to connect with all chapters

This vision led me to travel and be part of almost all the chapters across the United States filling me with pride and joy at the same time, as members have been leading the ITServe journey with more enthusiasm.

Along with everyone’s support I will be advocating for policies that promote the growth and success of the IT services industry. A fair and level playing field for IT services companies, especially in areas such as H-1B visas and immigration policies will build a stronger market. It is also important to bring the culture of diversity and inclusion in the IT services industry.

The first quarter already has been such a rich experience that my pledge to work tirelessly to advance the organization’s mission has become even more stronger. The testimony to this is that in just one quarter we have been able to onboard about 400 new companies as members. I look forward to leaving a strong legacy for the future in the coming months.