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We are a minority-owned, technology-forward talent management organisation.

The strategic partnerships we enable are focused on matching client requirements with skilled talent. We are proud of the relationships we have built over the last two decades with our clients, employees, vendors and various talent agencies.

Each member of our talent force has been vetted thoroughly through a stringent qualification process and equipped with industry-leading technology and business acumen. Our workforce is spread across various industries, viz. Financial Services, Media & Entertainment, Telecom, Hi-Tech, Healthcare, Manufacturing et cetera.

"We might be one among thousands in this industry, and relatively less known.

But whoever knows us, knows us very well."

our mission

A Talent Management company to deliver best quality services to its clients, driven by trust, commitment, transparency and conducting with utmost respect and dignity with all stake holders – clients, employees, consultants, and vendors.

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Vinay Mahajan

President & CEO

Vinay Mahajan

The President & CEO of NAM Info Inc, Vinay is a technology executive with over 40 years of industry experience in leadership, marketing, finance and engineering. He has entrepreneurial expertise through 100+ projects across India, and the United States. He has most recently, lead the development team for approval of a patent for SAFE, a fire safety app for high rise buildings.

B J Venkatesh

President & head (India Operations)

B J Venkatesh

B J is an experienced entrepreneur and Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the IT Services and Staffing industry. Skilled in Executive Search, Human Resource Management, Employee Engagement, Recruiting, and Business Management.

Shyam Valloornatt

Chief Operating Officer

Shyam Valloornatt

Shyam Valloornatt has built a successful career in Talent Acquisition and Human Capital Management, with a focus on inclusive leadership. He is highly respected in the TA/HCM community for his innovative approach and commitment to excellence.

Abhimanyu Ashok Diwaker

SVP – Customer Management

Abhimanyu Ashok Diwaker

Abhimanyu brings over a decade of expertise in fostering customer relations and driving organizational growth. Passionate about elevating customer experiences, Abhimanyu is pivotal in implementing innovative strategies that ensure success.

Balaji Krishnamoorthy


Balaji Krishnamoorthy

An award-winning global CTO, CDO, CAO, and Chief AI Officer, brings expertise in aligning data, systems, technology, and people to elevate business initiatives for enhanced revenue in complex environments. Recognized for business acumen, he leads a transformative roadmap for branding and identity, focusing on diversified service offerings.

Ashok Diwaker


Ashok Diwaker

Ashok Diwaker, founder of NAM Info Inc., was a dynamic leader with over 35 years of experience in the IT industry in HR & Sales functions. He had an uncanny knack for networking and building relationships. His untimely death in March 2014 left a void that has been hard to fill.

Beyond business.

Our values guide our every move



We put our trust in the people we work with. And we make sure we never break the trust they’ve placed in us. Be it a client, employee or vendor, this core value forms the basis of all our relationships.



We do not commit what we cannot deliver. Whatever we do commit, we deliver. We’ve stood by this value since the beginning of the company.



When we take on an assignment, there is nothing casual about our approach. It is our mission to uphold the standards of quality we’ve set for ourselves, regardless of how hard any given assignment might be.



As a technology-forward company, we are committed to continually improving ourselves and applying our learnings to every relationship we build. From the top management to every last consultant we hire, knowledge-building is an evolving process for everyone working with us.

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Our Achievements

NAM showcases SAFE & Aaonri at ITServe Synergy 2019 Chicago
NAM showcases SAFE at ITServe Synergy 2018 Atlantic City
NAM received approval for SAFE patent
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