Simplifying AP / AR process with AIML backed APAR

APAR - Account Payable and Accounts Receivables

An AI based Accounts Co-worker for the IT services and Talent Management service providers. With its inbuilt OCR capabilities, APAR extracts data seamlessly and pushes it to your desired ERP in a fraction of time allowing the accounts teams to focus on more productive needs of the business.


NAM Info Inc., an IT services and Talent Management company, today announced the foray into AI space with the launch of APAR an Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable AI co-worker, jointly developed in partnership with Finance Tech Unlimited, a pioneer in AI based accounting solutions on E42, an award-winning no-code AI platform.

APAR – is focused on the Talent Management industry requirements where multi layered partnerships are a necessity considering the demands of the various industries for technology developing community. The challenge identified is for AP & AR job functions to work seamlessly and to maximum potential, APAR AI co-worker helps businesses with –

  • Optimal Utilization of Working Capital
  • Efficient AR Collection
  • Plugging Revenue Leakage
  • Developing Real Time Dashboards

“Identifying & creating logical relationships between Billing & Payments based on our long experience in the field of Talent Management is the genesis of development of APAR, AI digital co-worker. Data points for better revenue management and decision making for the CXO while easing work of the team members was the focus areas. Once APAR co-worker is in place the team can work on more strategic initiatives,” said Vinay Mahajan, CEO & President, NAM Info Inc.

“Our AI co-workers fuel the journey of digital transformation in AP & AR job functions to move from data entry towards real time data driven decision making,” said Aloysius Deepak, Chief Revenue Officer, Finance Tech Unlimited.

“The possibilities that these Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable AI workers bring for enterprises looking at automating their finance function are limitless – we’re excited to collaborate with and help enterprises across the globe, embrace intelligent automation with APAR,” said Animesh Samuel, CEO and Co-Founder, E42.

About NAM Info Inc:

NAM Info Inc. (NAM) is a leading Technology & Services delivery and talent management organization operating in the software field for over twenty years. NAM provides strategic partnerships in areas of technology staff augmentation with a focus on value-adding talent. The talent force of IT professionals provides the necessary technical and business acumen for organizational success.

About Finance Tech Unlimited:

Finance Tech Unlimited (FTUL) is an amalgamation of finance and technology. FTUL has developed AI co-workers who specialize in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable job functions. The aim is to make jobs easy so humans can reach their maximum potential.

About E42:
E42 is the world’s leading no-code AI-NLP-powered cognitive process automation (CPA) platform to build multifunctional AI workers that automate complex people and process-centric functions driving enterprise cognition across processes.

The Co-Mingling of AI and Metaverse with the HR Industry

Metaverse in HR

A decade ago, nobody could have concretely imagined concepts like AI or hybrid workplaces but today, companies are met with the important question: how can we create meaningful spaces of communication and collaboration in the changing faces of working environments?

Technology has come a long way in providing solutions for companies to support its various functions. While it is not the only solution, it acts as the catalyst companies need to transition into the emerging new world order.

The metaverse is one such aspect of the technological revolution we are seeing today. It has the potential to join forces with every aspect of our workplaces, including the HR department. The term ‘metaverse’ was coined by Neal Stephenson in his novel ‘Snow Crash’ in 1992, where a virtual-reality setup replaced the internet. To understand its importance in modern usage, individuals are replaced by digital depictions in a virtual world, allowing people to come together regardless of their location or time zone.

With the rise of AI and Big Data, companies are beginning to adopt the metaverse into their operations, to improve their functioning. When you consider the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and its travel limitations, the metaverse becomes a strong tool to bridge the physical boundaries between people. It opens up a space for companies to develop game-changing ideas and smoother operations.

What can the metaverse do?

But the ability to do so is just one aspect of what the metaverse can do. One of the other aspects of it is the capacity to look into resource allocation and employment. A good HR would plan strategically for the future of its workforce, in terms of management and planning. Once an HR comprehends the power of the metaverse, it would not only improve the functioning of the workspace but also cut down on the losses companies have faced during the pandemic with remote work.

At the same time, the metaverse would prove useful in employee inductions, information sharing, aptitude tests, employee training, performance reviews, team building, company events, and more. It provides a space for an immersive work environment, where the tasks of a physical workspace can easily be replicated in virtual reality.

How can the metaverse be used?

What if the metaverse enters the HR space? How will it impact your workplace? Let’s understand the implications of a metaverse in your company’s HR space through this article.

Increased productivity

The metaverse allows people to telecommunicate, where one can conduct their daily activities within the space. Be it meetings, live conferences, or client engagement, this technology has an impact on communications that otherwise take ages to establish. Moreover, organizations can manage their workforce more efficiently, as the metaverse allows for seamless communication channels.

Enhanced recruitments

The metaverse can also be applied to your company’s recruitment processes. Organizations will no longer be restricted by geographical boundaries. HRs can look for talent across the globe, or at least within their countries. By usage of this technology, candidates applying can learn about the company’s working culture and see for themselves, its efficiency of it while applying.

Learning and Development

The metaverse has the promise to transform the learning and development outcomes for employees. Organizations can use the virtual space to create opportunities for employees to take part in remote training sessions. The use of the metaverse for onboarding and training will give learners a chance to obtain hands-on work experiences like problem-solving and customer experiences. It gives employees a set of transferrable skills that are essential for their career progression.

Performance Management and Rewards

Should HR design an AI-driven process to collaborate between stakeholders, the metaverse can set up a continuous feedback mechanism for employees, which can lead to improved employee performance. Furthermore, the same AI-driven mechanism can be programmed to incorporate digital rewards, that will be rewarded on the basis of past performances, needs, et al.

New Skills

As AI takes over mundane tasks, insights to drive the technology will become crucial for organizations. The metaverse will need unique human skills to enhance its progression. It opens avenues for various new roles like designers for digital depictions, and digital travel agents to make easy communications across different metaverses, security officers, developers, and more. It opens companies up to new talent and profits in the longer run.

In an era of rapid technological progress, the metaverse is a significant breakthrough and can be extremely useful for various organizations. If HR prepares itself to optimize the metaverse now itself, it stands a greater chance to reap its benefits in the future, when virtual reality becomes the new workplace norm.

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.NET Developer / .NET Production Support

DotNet Developer

Location: Cleveland, OH (2 Days/ Week Onsite)

Duration: 12-18 Months

2 Roles (Senior Role & Jr-Mid level)

ASP.NET framework v3.5 and up, VB.NET, SQL, SQL Server database, PL-SQL, Service Now, Microsoft VSTS, Agile Scrum

Experience Required:

  • Must have good command on ASP, MS Visual Studio, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, VB.Net, VSTS
  • Must have experience in developing .Net code, PL-SQL scripts and macros per the business requirements
  • Must have experience working in a production support environment for L1, L1.5, L2 support of .Net SQL server based applications
  • Must have experience in incident management adhering to defined SLAs
  • Must have experience in running, monitoring and resolving periodic batch jobs
  • Must have experience working in Agile Scrum Delivery and DevOps model
  • Must have good communication skills
  • Good to have domain knowledge on commercial insurance, specialty insurance, workers compensation insurance, disability benefits law
  • Good to have experience working in an Onshore / Offshore delivery model
  • Microsoft Certified Developer Certifications will be an added advantage

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • L1, L1.5, L2 support of .Net based applications adhering to predefined SLAs
  • Incident management through broad ITIL processes adherence
  • Service restoration and resolution
  • Understand existing System design and its components and make recommendations towards the development of new code or reuse of existing code.
  • Analyze business requirements, design, implement and integrate components of upstream and downstream applications
  • Develop design documentation artifacts
  • Experience working with MS SQL, MS Access database and Sybase Database
  • Log defects in ALM tool/Service Now/MS-VSTS and track defects
  • Provide daily/weekly status reports to lead
  • Excellent analytical and debugging skills
  • Ability to recognize trends and recommend problem resolution for commonly occurring incidents
  • Fair understanding of impact of SLA misses and penalties
  • Ability to take a task to closure through research, collaboration and seeking help when required
  • Ability to work in a cross-functional team
  • Quick learner

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US IT Recruiter

US IT Recruiter

We are hiring US IT Recruiter to join our high-performance team. We provide work environments with great opportunities to learn and grow.

Position: US IT Recruiter

Total number of positions – 30

What we look for –
– 3 – 7 years of experience
– Good experience of Sourcing quality resumes
– Good communication skills to talk to candidates
– Negotiating skills

The candidate can be based out of Bangalore / Hyderabad or even work Remotely

What you get-
– Great team to work with
– Excellent work environments
– Industry standards pay packages, Incentive, PF, Monthly Awards, Performance Reviews, Paid Leaves, Sick leaves

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Account Manager

NAM Account Manager

Account manager responsibilities include developing strong relationships with customers, connecting with key business executives and stakeholders and preparing sales reports.

Role & Responsibility:-

  • Working with potential clients and build relations in order to generate business requirement
  • Working on strategic planning for existing accounts
  • Responsible for handling a team of IT Recruiters.
  • Working as a SPOC between Clients & the Organization.
  • Generating requirements from new clients and existing clients.
  • Responsible for getting new leads requirements and maintaining existing clients to enhance business relations.
  • Make timely submissions and provide all the information to the client which is required for making an end client submission.
  • Follow up with the clients on the progress of the submittals made.
  • Creating and maintaining database of potential Clients.
  • Should have knowledge on end to end IT recruitment process sourcing -Identifying screening short listing interviewing candidates.
  • Identify new business opportunities and responsible for CRM activities, Post sales activities.
  • Set up meetings between client decision makers and company’s practice leaders/Director.
  • As account manager, follow up with the Clients on regular basis
  • Strategic planning & execution.
  • Experience: 8 – 12 yrs at US IT Recruitment Business.

Experience: 8 – 12 yrs at US IT Recruitment Business.

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Recycle my battery

Recycle my battery founder Nihal with Vinay

The initiative of 2 children, Nihal and Mihir, has already generated a lot of curiosity and awareness to the very important issue of what happens to the used batteries, remember, they are chemicals and need proper recycling. The initiative now a mass moment spearheaded by only children gives a very important message about saving mother earth from all the toxic chemicals that can pollute the groundwater and spoil the quality of soil.

NAM Info Inc., President and CEO, Mr. Vinay Mahajan had an opportunity to spend some time with these wonderful children especially Nihal and understand his vision to protect the environment. Vinay adds, “We as elders always want to teach children, but when I met Nihal I got the impression that the younger generation is taking up the challenge to save the earth that they have to live and something that we have created a mess of. I cannot be more encouraged to talk about this effort with as many people as I can and in which every way possible. Nihal at his tender age has already created a powerful team of young volunteers and I am very confident they will soon recycle a million batteries.”

As a part of the Recycling Batteries initiative, the youngsters are working to promote the responsible disposal of used batteries and to reduce the environmental impact associated with battery disposal. Their partnership with PureCycle and Battery Solutions affords them the ability to assist customers, employees, and the communities in this effort by providing recycling bins for your new and used batteries.

Recycle my battery or RMB in short requests everyone to pledge to recycle a battery by giving it at Staples or Office Depot or by leaving them in the bins that are placed in offices / schools / leasing offices.  We encourage everyone to visit the website and gather all the information about how and what to recycle.

CPQ Business Analyst

CPQ Business Analyst

Project Overview:

CPQ Business Analyst with 5+experience in Oracle CPQ tool. Preferred experience in Configurator. E-Commerce, CPQ-SAP integration and promotions. Ability to ramp up Quickly to support current CPQ initiatives and growth lever projects,

Roles Scope / Deliverables : Provide configuration. administration , and support of CMO,s sales business processes using Oracle CPQ system collaborate with IT team & stakeholders to lead sales and Quote to Cash business process review sessions to identity user stories/requirements Manage stakeholder expectations

  • Translate requirements into effective business solutions
  • Coordinate testing (with business stakeholders). produce test scenarios and test scripts, facilitating SIT. UAT and sign-off

Key Skills: 5+years’ experience working as a business systems analyst in Oracle CPQ

Previous experience working with IT development teams configuring. implementing. and supporting CPQ application

  • Previous experience supporting and developing solutions on the platform is a plus
  • Strong understanding and/or hands on experience with sales and renewal
  • Experience in Configurator. e-commerce. CPQ-SAP integration and promotions.

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The Technology Crystal Ball – The Ethos of Cryptocurrencies – EP 3

The Technology Crystal Ball

NAM Info Inc. promoted The Technology Crystal Ball is starting its 2022 journey with a high voltage webinar titled “The Ethos of Cryptocurrency”. The Episode 3 brings one of the most renowned evangelists of crypto world, Nithin Eapen.

Nithin Eapen is a CryptoEvangelist, Speaker, Investor, Mentor, Technologist and Entrepreneur.

He created the Belpointe Crypto Index (Bloomberg Ticker: CRYPTO) and bootstrapped ChanceRiver, a technology services firm, into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Before ChanceRiver, Nithin was the Chief Investment Officer for a Crypto Venture Fund, Investment Banker and a software developer.

Nithin has spoken as a keynote speaker or panellist at 100+ events worldwide on Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Trading, Investment, Startups and Technology.

He holds a degree in Engineering as well as a Masters’s in Financial Mathematics. His life stories go beyond an exciting path to entrepreneurship from being a market-maker on wall street, a poker player, a trivia-of-all-kinds fan and an avid squash player. He currently resides in Connecticut with his wife and five children.

The webinar, scheduled for 25th February, will explore the advantages and reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies and move away from the Government supported currencies which has for long been in use. The understanding of it becomes critical as world over governments are either experimenting or have already been implementing digital currencies.

Built on Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies do not give anyone a sense ownership and hence its one of the most democratic form of money that will be the future of how we all will be transacting. Already a few of the worlds largest businesses have started accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of money, which makes it even more important to understand everything about it from the crytoguru.

The technology crystal ball, a personal initiative of Vinay Mahajan, the founder, CEO of NAM Info Inc., is going to host people from various technology fields that can help everyone who is starting their careers or have been in the IT field for a while, to give a thought to what’s trending and how they can fine tune their skills at the right time.

AEM / React Full Stack Developer

AEM React Full Stack Developer

Job Description for AEM / Reach Full Stack Developer

• 4-5 Years of Back-End Development Experience in AEM Sites/Assets, Components, Templates , OSGI, CRX , Metadata and Workflows

• 4-5 Years of Front-End Experience in Front-End Development including React.js, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

• Experience in Content ecosystem components like DAM, CMS, Taxonomy, Metadata Management, Workflow tools, etc.

• Adobe Experience Manager , AEM Assets/DAM, and overall Adobe ecosystem (specifically Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics)

• Content/Experience Fragments, Responsive, SPA and Headless architectures, AEM Multi-site Management, Workflows, translations and other localization, custom metadata management, Asset Renditions, AEM Dispatcher, SEO support, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target integration, CDN integration and publishing/deployment

• AEM Sites/Assets infrastructure, architecture, and configuration/administration

• Familiarity with campaign management platforms (Adobe Campaign or Salesforce Marketing Cloud) and Adobe Audience Manager/DMP would be a plus

• Identifying components and Templates required and designing Solution architecture

• Experience of creating OSGI bundle, CQ5 Components, Workflow

• Java/J2EE skills and OOPS with proficiency design patterns

• Knowledge of Architectural patterns on CRX and Apache Sling

• Should have experience in designing modules and components

• Exposure to one or more end to end implementations

• Knowledge of various adobe experience manager components like MSM, Mobile, I18N, Tagging, Translation, Search etc.

For any queries you can reach Manjunath / +1 (732) 993-5319

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Thinking beyond Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Thinking beyond Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

In my previous blog I concluded by saying, “In the new order of priority, automation is the way to empower people and move up the value chain.”

Continuing from there, the good news with anything that is good is that improvement is almost always round the corner.

Take Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for instance. It comes with the goodness of low cost, scalability, and the capability to process data at speeds that are far better than humanly possible.

However, RPA lacks cognition. RPA can only replicate pre-programmed, pre-configured commands and actions. And, in doing so, runs the inevitable risk of error magnification. Because RPA lacks the cognitive ability, it can, by way of repetition, amplify errors to the point where they become unmanageable and counterproductive.

The other limitation of RPA is that it is unable to read non-electronic, unstructured data inputs. This means, if you are trying to digitize paper-based documents, you would have to deploy other software and technologies that can work in tandem with RPA to scan documents before they can be processed using RPA.

This means evaluation, purchase, and implementation of a bridge software or technology that must be compatible with RPA and any other software that you may be currently using to digitize and structure data in a format that RPA can process.

Another drawback that one needs to be aware of is that RPA cannot read data that is disparate or in multiple formats. It will only read and process data in the one format that it has been trained to do. This can be extremely problematic and even unviable for, let’s say, a human resources department that wants to scan and shortlist hordes of CVs of candidates on the basis of a certain skill or pre-qualification or a pre-determined number of years of experience. RPA simply cannot do this because all the CVs would be in different formats and RPA is not suited to scan, read and process information that is in different formats.

The next time you click on a link to apply for a job and that link takes you to an elaborate and rather cumbersome form that contains multiple fields, dropdown menus, and restrictive formatting that feels like a labyrinth, and you are wondering why they just can’t let you upload a CV instead; this could probably be why.

A finance department would encounter a similar sort of challenge with RPA because for RPA variety is obviously not the way to go. Invoices submitted by vendors are often in so many different formats with relevant data fields to be found in varied places of the document. Invoices may also contain multiple line items. For RPA to read and process information of this nature, it must be in the exact same format with relevant data fields in the exact same spot. The only workaround to this would be to first determine and design a standard invoice format and then get all vendors and suppliers to toe the line by submitting their respective invoices in the same format. As impractical, long-drawn, and inefficient as this may sound, several organizations have actually designed and implemented these sorts of workarounds. In effect, it defeats the very purpose of automation and is counterproductive to cost and efficiency. Not to mention the nightmarish exercise that has to be undertaken each time a new vendor is on board or there is a process change.

All in all, RPA is a great tool to have in your armory if you are looking to increase productivity by automating routine tasks based on a set or sets of pre-defined rules. However, if you are looking for value that is to be gained by learning from experience, and not merely the power of voluminous repetition, you must look and think beyond RPA.

About the Author:

Bellinda D’Souza, Co-founder, and Chief Growth Officer, Finance Tech Unlimited.

Bellinda is a marketing professional with 20+ years of experience in content, B2B, and B2C marketing. As part of her role, she has been championing technology offerings for B2B and B2C target segments through her proficiencies of Digital and Non-digital platforms. She is passionate about AI and its possibilities to empower and offer a wide range of solutions, especially when combined with human brilliance.