The Technology Crystal Ball

Staff Augmentation is both a serious business and a noble effort as its going above and beyond helping companies get the right candidates and getting the candidates their desired jobs, it is also about shaping careers wholistically by guiding the candidates settle down and enhancing their understanding of opportunities. NAM Academy has been one such initiative that guided helped quite a few candidates to become industry ready by getting trained in in-demand technologies from industry experts. Its time to move over from plain vanilla ecommerce to actually talking of Data driven initiatives, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, 5G technologies, NLP, Robotics and more. Post the covid pandemic these technologies have found a stronger ground to grow faster and more aggressively. Any delay in adoption is only going to beat the businesses down the wrong alley.

Continuing the efforts, NAM is working with industry experts, involved in enhancing the future of technology driven solutions to launch a series of webinars aptly titled as “The Technology Crystal Ball”. These live webinar series will have episodes where experts discuss their experiences of how technology is evolving and what Software Development giants and smaller firms are doing to improve the pace of delivery to enhance value to the customer. For all individuals aspiring for better career opportunities the experts will throw light on how their space is evolving and what should the attendees be expecting.

Mr. Vinay Mahajan, CEO of NAM Info Inc is deeply involved with this initiative and will be moderating the sessions.

Episode 1 – The Technology Crystal Ball’s Webinar series

Episode one is titled – “Emerging Technologies that will shape the future – Riding career success wave with Agile transformation”

The speakers to this live event are –

Mr. Prabhat Singh, Agile Enterprise Coach and Instructor SPC 5.0

Mr. Anil Algole, Sr. Scrum Master / Release Train Engineer

Emerging Technologies that will shape the future- Riding career success wave with Agile transformation

Mr. Prabhat is credited with training and helping certify several Scrum masters and RTEs as part of his Coaching initiatives, who now guide the success of several projects at global scale in a distributed environment that conquer impossible. 

The webinar will discuss how the successfully hitech solutions are getting executed in a highly Agile format ensuring business and customers have access to solutions in shortest possible time experiencing great value to their needs. The panel members will help us understand how the PI planning is done, what is the importance of stories and how importance it is for the teams to socialise for better results.

NAM team is excited to make The Technology Crystal Ball a success in the interest of all those who are aspiring for careers in Information technology in the United States. Get all your questions answered by the experts.

Please register today at the below link to join the session.

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How do you write a winning resume and cover letter!

A resume is a marketing material prepared by you to market yourself, more so a winning resume and cover letter.

The IT recruitment teams receive a lot of resumes and also trying to pace the time limitations to qualify the right candidates.

Every individual candidate while doing a transaction is at best marketing themselves if not selling the idea of their capabilities, that brings us alive to the question as professionals how do we do a good resume and Cover letter.

A resume is your marketing document that is designed to sell your capabilities and skills to a potential future employer. Some research suggests, recruiters or the hiring managers give about 20 seconds to scan for information that they most look for. Hence your resume needs to have that key element of information at a glance to prove, you are the best fit.

Let’s look at what you need in a winning resume

Match to the Job Description

It is Important to ensure the readers job is made easy by showing that you are a clear match. Your skills need to reflect the job description. Demonstrate to the employer that your experience and skills are exactly what they are searching for. Build in the keywords that the job description details out, that will help the reader to quickly like what you have to offer. Focus on relevant strengths and wherever possible, eliminate what is irrelevant to the job.

Structure of your resume

Globally all the formal documents have a structure and that is the reality for resume as well. Create a relevant structure to your winning resume. Keep your contact details at the top as you would want the reader to contact you as soon as they get comfortable with your resume. Include your Name, Address, Phone number and Email address. Your educational and training information should be listed next, this especially is important when you are looking for jobs in a country where you would need to show your relevance for immigration purposes. Follow this up with the career history. A reverse chronology is preferred as that will help in listing your current engagement clearly. For every engagement show your Job title, employer name, a short description of the company and your employment dates. Then get to the details of the skills you employed, responsibilities and any accomplishments you had. Lastly, end the resume with any references.

Resume should be interesting

Everyone wants to have a good day, so the language you use in the resume to make the day for your reader. Keep the tone exciting, upbeat, positive and professional. Present your accomplishments honestly and confidently. List all your strong points first followed by less relevant points. Use strong action-oriented words like, “completed”, “managed” along with superlatives like, “win”, “best”.

Focus on achievements

Detailing your workload is one thing and helping your audience understand the achievements is other important aspect. How do you stand out from the rest of the crowd? List out some of the unique accomplishments that made you stand out within the organisation or the clients. Have you generated business, saved money, built platforms, gained patents etc. The list can be unique to you and your future employers’ expectations.

The first impression is the best impression, so your resume has to make or break and remember – you have just 20 seconds to do it all.

Check our current openings to follow

Webinar Playback: Immigration simplified

A monthly webinar on Immigration was organised by IT Serve Alliance which was held on 2nd April 2021.

Vinay Mahajan, President & CEO, NAM Info Inc., and founder AAONRI. com a South Asian Community portal along with Suresh Kagithapu, President & CEO of Sure Tech Services in conversation with -THOMAS V. ALLEN, Attorney, Law office of Thomas V. Allen, PLLC.

The session focused on immigration landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic and moving forward as the economy recovers, it also focused on practical advice for employers and employees in these uncertain and rapidly changing times.

This Panel reviewed valuable perspectives on legal immigration developments with national implications in 2021 and beyond.

The session covered various aspects of the immigration such as I-485, I-140 Filings, Denials and #Visa Bulletin predictions, it also threw light upon CAP Filing Denials and Re-adjudication. The CEO gave insight on #H1bvisa -B Visa Transfers, REFs& Denials and issues related to the status of OPT/CPT and 

L2/H4 EAD Adjudication Delay. 

Lastly, the panel discussed about the US Consulate Visa appointments & Issuance of 221 (g) etc.

A year like no other

The only thing that is certain about life is “Uncertainty”. This adage has never been true for all humanity as it has been this year. 

For us, at NAM, the year started with enthusiasm and excitement looking forward to a great year. It did start so, with our first quarter turning out to be the best of all time. Then the unexpected happened and hit everyone hard. The next two quarters, though challenging, never sagged the spirit of our team working hard from home in difficult times.

Most were unaffected by the virus while few and family members of few others fought the same to health. We feel for a few who lost their loved ones. While we thought that this year would be a washout, there came hope in the last two months with business opportunities throwing up and many conversions happening.

Every challenge opens new opportunity and making a better tomorrow is what humans strive for. In that spirit, we at NAM, look forward to 2021 with new enthusiasm and excitement to make it a great year for NAM by serving our customers the best, building new partnerships, caring for our people, nurturing existing relationships and venturing into new areas.

Thanks everyone!!