aaonri.com – a platform for the South Asian Community in the USA

aaonri.com a website for the South Asian community

Nam Info Inc., announces the launch of AAONRI, an online digital social and e-commerce platform having a presence in the US/Canada and India that adds a new dimension for the South Asian community living in the US by enabling the immigrants to connect, share, buy, sell, learn, seek, register, apply, hire, benefit, grow and more.
Aaonri provides the best community support to the immigrants from the South Asian fraternity staying in the U.S. Aaonri is a one-stop-shop to all regular needs of every immigrant, right from seeking a household service to immigration services easily, securely, and quickly.

Team behind AAONRI
Abhimanyu Diwaker, a second-generation immigrant from India in the US, envisioned helping all the immigrants from South Asia. Abhimanyu came to the US at an early age and had his own experiences in adapting to a new lifestyle, in a foreign land. Realizing he is not alone in the ship, he decided to be the captain of the ship that will help all South Asian communities. The proverbial ship has now started to sail as a fast-growing digital platform ” AAONRI”.    

His mission now is to make www.aaonri.com the go-to website for all South Asians, spread its wings globally to provide all-round and comprehensive support.

Vinay Mahajan, President & CEO of NAM Info Inc, is the key sponsor of AAONRI. Being in the Staff Augmentation and Talent Management business Vinay closely related to the problem AAONRI is set to solve. With a big task on hand, he brings together the strength and experience of NAM Info to make the Community portal a success. Vinay has backed a few tech initiatives aimed at helping solve basic problems that can make a massive difference to an individual and improve their life.

B.J. Venkatesh, President & Head, India operations, is the second sponsor for this initiative. He provides the needed support for the conduct of the day-to-day operations. The backend teams created under his watch help build the system and the unending volumes of information that the immigrants may require. Along with Vinay, he ensures the projects initiated attain their logical conclusion.

We welcome you to join this fast-growing community and explore your personal space to:

  • Discover people from the same community and homeland as yours. You don’t have to go too far to make new friends!
  • Engage with like-minded people and grow your network. Your interests are unique to you. Get connected over events and activities that are common to your community.
  • Find support and advice pertaining to all things living in the US. Hear it directly from the experts, experienced immigrants, and authorized advisors. AAONRI not only connects people but also offers solutions to all the small to major issues faced by immigrants daily.
  • Access local products and services by using the unique Classifieds space on our website. You can buy or sell your products to the relevant audience. Be it a bestseller book or a pet or a pre-used car or an antique art piece, AAONRI offers an organized space for Classifieds related to your community.

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning for The Future

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning for The Future

Data is one of the most demanded commodities today. With the world becoming heavily digitalized, digital information transforms businesses and enables them to make critical decisions. Data is ubiquitous, making data science one of the most sought-after careers. Artificial intelligence and machine learning come under the larger purview of data science, wherein their purpose is to employ insights from data. With big data’s reach expanding, organizations are creating conscious data science strategies to make informed decisions. The use of artificial intelligence and human dependency on machines has grown naturally from the data-driven world. 

Yet what are these fields, and why are they relevant today? 

Data science comprises handling and analyzing data. The information extracted is then used by businesses to make sense of their functioning and bridge the gaps by addressing it immediately. Data science gives insight into the existing patterns and trends through visualizations, and that is what makes it so powerful today. Data science is relevant because making sense of data will reduce uncertainty and confusion for most organizations. Data is valuable – so much that it is being considered the oil of the 21st century. The analyzed information can help make discoveries, improve the effectiveness of operations, create better customer experiences, and be used across all fields. The role of a data scientist in the growing influence for information technology becomes of paramount importance.

Artificial intelligence comes under the larger ambit of data science, where technology and automation are being used to assist businesses to manage their data. Artificial intelligence is transforming and evolving every second, and it is enabling people to rethink the integration of information, data analysis, and decision making. The amount of data generated today is more than what a human can absorb. Automation is highly efficient at interpreting information. While there is often an idea that artificial intelligence will take over jobs, it needs human intelligence to use the decoded data and make decisions. Therefore, the co-working of humans and automation is most suited for better outcomes. 

Machine learning as part of artificial intelligence, is an area of computational science that looks into using machines to interpret patterns and structures in data. “It allows the user to feed the machine with large amounts of data to analyze and recommend data-driven inputs. BOTs like Plutus employed at the bottom of the pyramid in Accounts is trained to capture, understand the data and take faster action”, Aloysius Deepak, Chief Automation Officer at Finance Tech Unlimited.  Machine learning is vital because it can unlock corporate and customer data and guide decisions that can keep people and organizations ahead in the race.

Why do we need them in the future?

The simple answer is that the world is looking towards a more technologically driven world, hoping for a space for humans and machines to co-exist. Data is increasingly becoming the lifeline of all businesses, no matter the type of career. Data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are among the most extensive employing fields and form for extremely lucrative job markets. The value these fields offer, in tech spaces as well as fields unrelated to technology like business, is significant, and therefore, understanding them is not only helpful but also essential.

The Technology Crystal Ball

Data, AI & ML being a hot topic of interest, we invite you to listen to the industry experts of how real-life applications are made possible for Humans and Technology to co-exist in the second episode of our webinar series – The Technology Crystal Ball.

Artificial Intelligence. Human Brilliance – Co-work for better outcomes

Date: 17th September

Time: 12:00 Noon EST

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Skill development: What hiring trends say about the skills employers are seeking in 2021

Skill development - Hiring trends

Undeniably, Covid-19 has changed how the world functions. Today’s job market is constantly evolving. Over the past year, we have seen an increasing dependency on technology. People adapted to work from home using various technological tools. As a result, skill development has become the need of the hour for most people seeking jobs. 

What is Skill Development? 

Hiring trends are changing as quickly as employers expect a potential employee’s skills to adapt. Companies are facing skill challenges and adapting their hiring policies to make up for the gaps. Many positions in companies are in demand but hard to fill because of skill gaps. Employers are seeking potential employees who have some technical and soft skills they consider to be essential. 

Why Should You Aim To Upskill? 

Companies are seeing talent as a renewable resource and are changing their policies to acquire it. Many are offering training to their workforces, enabling employees to grow in their current positions and add value to the organization. Many individuals prefer to upgrade their skills through online courses, night classes, specializations, or any other kind of professional training. The importance of upskilling is more now than ever. Covid-19 has had a significant impact on the job market. Unemployment rates are increasing, and research has proven that the global economy has reduced considerably. At the same time, the world shifted to the digital economy, and the job market is adapting itself to the growing technologies and innovations. Digitalization has created new jobs that did not exist before, like app developers, cloud computing specialists, design thinkers, and social media managers. Moreover, digitalization has created a new demand for technical and soft skills. Hence, it becomes crucial to upgrade your skills and update your resume continuously.

What Skills Are Employers Seeking? 

 As new opportunities open up, here are some areas you can consider to upskill in to present yourself as a strong candidate for potential employment: 

  1. Technical Skills – 2021 has seen a digital transformation take place. The nature of remote work and the changing digital economy have made IT and technical expertise valuable for companies. Some other in-demand skills are Robotic process automation, Cloud computing, ArtificiaI Intelligence (AI), Natulral language processing (NLP) and machine learning(ML), programming, blockchain, VR and AR, User-experience design, app development, audio and video production, and cybersecurity
  2. Language and Translation – Work from home connected people across the globe, and communication became a necessity. Studies have shown that speaking a foreign language increases an employee’s performance at work and salary. 
  3. Data analysis – With digitalisation, the world also moved towards a data-driven world. Companies make big decisions based on the data collected and stored. Moreover, with artificial intelligence making data collection convenient, it becomes vital for job seekers to upskill in data analysis and statistics. 
  4. Soft Skills – Soft skills are personal skills that set you apart from the technical skills needed for a job. Some in-demand soft skills are leadership, creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, adaptability, agility, persuasion, growth mindset, and emotional intelligence. Soft skills go a long way in distinguishing you from the crowd. 

Hiring trends in the corporate world have shifted to considering employees with a well-rounded background. As a job seeker in the global pandemic, you can ensure a strong candidacy by using the data and technology available to upskill.

Additional reads –

  1. NAM supports skill development as part of NAM Academy.
  2. Top technology trends

Return to Work – The Paradox

Return to work - the Paradox

The start of the decade was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. As the world grappled with changes brought about by the now-infamous coronavirus, communication shifted to remote locations. Work from home became the new normal as people across the globe logged in to zoom meetings and conference calls. 

COVID-19 not only changed how we communicate but also the way office spaces operate. ‘Stay at home’ became par for the course for many employees. While general anxiety about the pandemic prevailed, many people became comfortable with the new rules. 

After a year of social distancing and working from home, offices are opening up for employees to return to work. As employers are calling their staff back for in-person work, the prospect of readjusting to the old routine is daunting to many employees. Given the current situation, one cannot ignore the paradoxes that have domineered over the corporate world. 

  • Paradox 1: Studies have shown that 94% of workers are undergoing stress due to COVID-19 restrictions. People have been rushing to get their vaccine doses in an attempt to gain immunity. The collective desire for herd immunity and the anxiety of going back into the same herd poses an unprecedented oddity in working spaces around the world. 
  • Paradox 2: Coronavirus has created the need for social interactions in an isolated society. Work from home in the past year has pushed people further into the rabbit hole of technological dependency. Returning to workspaces would force employees to find ways of remaining human and use their newly earned skills at work. The idea of being able to readjust to this scenario is intimidating to many. 

According to experts, it is natural for such paradoxes to exist. For over a year now, people have had a sea change in routine. Despite being vaccinated, fears persist in everyone’s minds. To add to the anxiety, public health messaging has emphasized the idea that staying at home is the safest way to avoid testing positive for COVID-19. For employees to worry about returning to work is natural. Moreover, people have faced personal losses during the pandemic.

As much as we would like the world to return to its former, mask-less glory, situations have changed for many. Returning to work will not be as easy as we think it might be. The good news is that our brains have been conditioned to adapt to fast-paced changes and new situations in the past year. While returning to work might be daunting, the only way to adapt to the paradoxes is to accept that COVID-19 is a unique situation, be kind to ourselves, and be mentally prepared for what is to come.  

NAM has experienced several requests by employers to assist to hire staff who can continue to work remotely until such a time that organizations feel comfortable to safely allow employees be back to work. In the process we are inviting to

Emerging technologies shaping the future

Agile Transformations

Riding career success wave with Agile Transformation

When NAM CEO Mr. Vinay Mahajan conceptualized the ‘Technology Crystal Ball’ series, his objective was to create a platform that will allow industry experts talk about the opportunities Information Technology enthusiasts can vie for. The first of the webinar series hosted two experts – Mr Prabhat Singh, an Enterprise Agile Coach and SAFe Program Consultant, and Mr Anil Algole, a Scrum Master and Release Train Engineer. 

The webinar began with Mr Prabhat addressing the need for Agile Transformations and innovation. Agile Transformation demands roles and skills to be updated constantly. The industry is moving fast, with technologies like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Amazon drone delivery, and Tesla driverless cars standing is proof at the extreme end. All these have been the first response to an industry problem, making them successful. 

Agile Transformations also makes way for jobs in the fields of AI, Machine Learning, and Data Space, according to Mr Anil. When everything is automated, the agile area needs active learning in languages like Python and Java. The demand for agile focuses on four value addition areas like DevOps, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and Release Train Engineering to customers, business, and IT teams. 

The webinar also dived into the role of a Scrum Master as a career opportunity. Scrum Master certifications come as a blessing to those seeking to upskill in the non-technical background. All one needs is a bachelor’s degree, people and managerial skills, a knowledge of the industry and the ability to anticipate the future. It takes as little as two weeks to be trained, and one can even take up SAFe certifications every year. 

The success rate of any company depends on a team’s collective understanding while working towards a common goal. Agile can be implemented in any field. Agile Transformation makes way for non-technical people to make waves in their career goals. 

Anyone interested for SAFe certifications can reach out to Mr. Prabhat or Mr. Anil at +1 (469) 919-6628

The Technology Crystal Ball

Staff Augmentation is both a serious business and a noble effort as its going above and beyond helping companies get the right candidates and getting the candidates their desired jobs, it is also about shaping careers wholistically by guiding the candidates settle down and enhancing their understanding of opportunities. NAM Academy has been one such initiative that guided helped quite a few candidates to become industry ready by getting trained in in-demand technologies from industry experts. Its time to move over from plain vanilla ecommerce to actually talking of Data driven initiatives, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, 5G technologies, NLP, Robotics and more. Post the covid pandemic these technologies have found a stronger ground to grow faster and more aggressively. Any delay in adoption is only going to beat the businesses down the wrong alley.

Continuing the efforts, NAM is working with industry experts, involved in enhancing the future of technology driven solutions to launch a series of webinars aptly titled as “The Technology Crystal Ball”. These live webinar series will have episodes where experts discuss their experiences of how technology is evolving and what Software Development giants and smaller firms are doing to improve the pace of delivery to enhance value to the customer. For all individuals aspiring for better career opportunities the experts will throw light on how their space is evolving and what should the attendees be expecting.

Mr. Vinay Mahajan, CEO of NAM Info Inc is deeply involved with this initiative and will be moderating the sessions.

Episode 1 – The Technology Crystal Ball’s Webinar series

Episode one is titled – “Emerging Technologies that will shape the future – Riding career success wave with Agile transformation”

The speakers to this live event are –

Mr. Prabhat Singh, Agile Enterprise Coach and Instructor SPC 5.0

Mr. Anil Algole, Sr. Scrum Master / Release Train Engineer

Emerging Technologies that will shape the future- Riding career success wave with Agile transformation

Mr. Prabhat is credited with training and helping certify several Scrum masters and RTEs as part of his Coaching initiatives, who now guide the success of several projects at global scale in a distributed environment that conquer impossible. 

The webinar will discuss how the successfully hitech solutions are getting executed in a highly Agile format ensuring business and customers have access to solutions in shortest possible time experiencing great value to their needs. The panel members will help us understand how the PI planning is done, what is the importance of stories and how importance it is for the teams to socialise for better results.

NAM team is excited to make The Technology Crystal Ball a success in the interest of all those who are aspiring for careers in Information technology in the United States. Get all your questions answered by the experts.

Please register today at the below link to join the session.

Webinar Registration – Zoom

How do you write a winning resume and cover letter!

A resume is a marketing material prepared by you to market yourself, more so a winning resume and cover letter.

The IT recruitment teams receive a lot of resumes and also trying to pace the time limitations to qualify the right candidates.

Every individual candidate while doing a transaction is at best marketing themselves if not selling the idea of their capabilities, that brings us alive to the question as professionals how do we do a good resume and Cover letter.

A resume is your marketing document that is designed to sell your capabilities and skills to a potential future employer. Some research suggests, recruiters or the hiring managers give about 20 seconds to scan for information that they most look for. Hence your resume needs to have that key element of information at a glance to prove, you are the best fit.

Let’s look at what you need in a winning resume

Match to the Job Description

It is Important to ensure the readers job is made easy by showing that you are a clear match. Your skills need to reflect the job description. Demonstrate to the employer that your experience and skills are exactly what they are searching for. Build in the keywords that the job description details out, that will help the reader to quickly like what you have to offer. Focus on relevant strengths and wherever possible, eliminate what is irrelevant to the job.

Structure of your resume

Globally all the formal documents have a structure and that is the reality for resume as well. Create a relevant structure to your winning resume. Keep your contact details at the top as you would want the reader to contact you as soon as they get comfortable with your resume. Include your Name, Address, Phone number and Email address. Your educational and training information should be listed next, this especially is important when you are looking for jobs in a country where you would need to show your relevance for immigration purposes. Follow this up with the career history. A reverse chronology is preferred as that will help in listing your current engagement clearly. For every engagement show your Job title, employer name, a short description of the company and your employment dates. Then get to the details of the skills you employed, responsibilities and any accomplishments you had. Lastly, end the resume with any references.

Resume should be interesting

Everyone wants to have a good day, so the language you use in the resume to make the day for your reader. Keep the tone exciting, upbeat, positive and professional. Present your accomplishments honestly and confidently. List all your strong points first followed by less relevant points. Use strong action-oriented words like, “completed”, “managed” along with superlatives like, “win”, “best”.

Focus on achievements

Detailing your workload is one thing and helping your audience understand the achievements is other important aspect. How do you stand out from the rest of the crowd? List out some of the unique accomplishments that made you stand out within the organisation or the clients. Have you generated business, saved money, built platforms, gained patents etc. The list can be unique to you and your future employers’ expectations.

The first impression is the best impression, so your resume has to make or break and remember – you have just 20 seconds to do it all.

Check our current openings to follow

Webinar Playback: Immigration simplified

A monthly webinar on Immigration was organised by IT Serve Alliance which was held on 2nd April 2021.

Vinay Mahajan, President & CEO, NAM Info Inc., and founder AAONRI. com a South Asian Community portal along with Suresh Kagithapu, President & CEO of Sure Tech Services in conversation with -THOMAS V. ALLEN, Attorney, Law office of Thomas V. Allen, PLLC.

The session focused on immigration landscape during the COVID-19 pandemic and moving forward as the economy recovers, it also focused on practical advice for employers and employees in these uncertain and rapidly changing times.

This Panel reviewed valuable perspectives on legal immigration developments with national implications in 2021 and beyond.

The session covered various aspects of the immigration such as I-485, I-140 Filings, Denials and #Visa Bulletin predictions, it also threw light upon CAP Filing Denials and Re-adjudication. The CEO gave insight on #H1bvisa -B Visa Transfers, REFs& Denials and issues related to the status of OPT/CPT and 

L2/H4 EAD Adjudication Delay. 

Lastly, the panel discussed about the US Consulate Visa appointments & Issuance of 221 (g) etc.

A year like no other

The only thing that is certain about life is “Uncertainty”. This adage has never been true for all humanity as it has been this year. 

For us, at NAM, the year started with enthusiasm and excitement looking forward to a great year. It did start so, with our first quarter turning out to be the best of all time. Then the unexpected happened and hit everyone hard. The next two quarters, though challenging, never sagged the spirit of our team working hard from home in difficult times.

Most were unaffected by the virus while few and family members of few others fought the same to health. We feel for a few who lost their loved ones. While we thought that this year would be a washout, there came hope in the last two months with business opportunities throwing up and many conversions happening.

Every challenge opens new opportunity and making a better tomorrow is what humans strive for. In that spirit, we at NAM, look forward to 2021 with new enthusiasm and excitement to make it a great year for NAM by serving our customers the best, building new partnerships, caring for our people, nurturing existing relationships and venturing into new areas.

Thanks everyone!!