Data Architect

Location : Schaumburg, IL (Onsite)

Job Type : Contract

Job ID : JPC 8888

Locals or Nearby candidates only.

  • Data architect should have 11+ years of experience in database development, information systems design and analysis
  • experience with database technologies and the design and implementation of enterprise-level data modelling / data architecture of data warehousing and the support of business intelligence initiatives.
  • Hands on experience with data modelling
  • Strong grasp of advanced SQL writing and query tuning/optimization
  • Design and implementation of relation and star schema modelling.
  • Articulating data definitions, content domains, data classes, subject area classification, and conformed dimensions.
  • Strong documentation skills (source-to-target mappings, LDM, PDM, etc)
  • Strong math and analytical skills are essential to complete job requirements successfully.
  • Able to compile and organize statistical information retrieved and present findings to management.
  • Strong computer skills and ability to use necessary databases and software.
  • Developing, managing, and updating data models, including physical and logical models of the data warehouse, data mart, staging area, and the operational data store and source systems
  • Performing data modelling based on Dimensional Fact Model (DFM) principle.
  • Assisting in the design of the company’s data extraction, staging, and loading to data warehouse processes to ensure that data is as consistent, clean, and accurate as possible.
  • Data architect will act as a key liaison to the company’s Data Management Leader and developers, developing solutions to design problems, increasing efficiency and performance, and recommending best practices for data warehouse-driven reporting and analytics

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