Next-Generation Secure Mobile Communication for Businesses

eNCOM is a highly secure and disruptive generative AI-enabled mobile communication solution designed for businesses. It addresses the evolving market trends in mobile business communication and provides effective solutions to corporate challenges.

Market Trends in Mobile Business Communication

What is eNCOM?

Benefits of eNCOM

Key Features

Mobile OS



Mobile Security





eNCOM Value Proposition

  • Reduced communication costs
  • No additional investment in expansion
  • Elimination of roaming charges
  • Savings in maintenance
  • No capital expenditure required
  • Savings in conference expenses
  • Improved productivity through IM and presence
  • Integration of desk phone, mobile, and softphone for a “Single Number” solution
  • Use of laptops/tablets as clients
  • Enables enterprise mobility and virtual office capabilities
  • Ensured secure communication within office Wi-Fi networks
  • Mobile data protection with Mobile Device Management (MDM) features
  • Data encapsulated with customizable two-layer protection using TLS and SRTP
  • Domain and IMSI authentication for secure communication
  • Domain Authentication
  • IMSI Authentication
  • TLS and SRTP Transport Security
  • Data Encryption (AES 128/256)
  • Operational Audit Logs
  • Control Over Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Selective Call Recording Management

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