Food 4 Friends

For better dinner parties

This application allows user to mine data about the food choices of your friends. You want to invite your friend for dinner, don’t know which kind of food they like, Mexican or Italian? You want to surprise your relatives and friends by preparing their food choice, but confused on what they like and how to prepare?

Don’t worry this application will do everything that you wish for your friends and relatives. Food 4 Friends is a product that enables you to view the food cuisine styles and the food choice made by your friends. Also it allows to view the recipes of the foods that are preferred by the friends.

How Food 4 Friends works

User can pick a friend by viewing the contact list or adding a new friend. This would automatically update the contact list too

It allows the user to pick a food cuisine style, food choice, and view the recipe that is preferred by the friend

It allows the user to view the recipe of the food chosen for the friend

User can share the data with the friends through Face book and Twitter connectivity

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