Full stack Developer (React JS & Python)

Location : Dallas, TX (Remote)

Job Type : Permanent

Job ID : JPC 08577

7+ years of professional software development experience as full stack developer

Job Description for full stack developer:

  • At least 7+ years of professional software development experience (in industry) where you were coding 50%+ of the time in the last year
  • Advanced knowledge of front-end languages including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Typescript
  • Familiarity with Frontend frameworks, preferably React
  • Experience implementing scalable backend servers/systems (we currently use Python and Go, but your experience may vary)
  • Experience developing systems in cloud environments (we currently use AWS Lambda and Kubernetes, but your experience may vary)
  • Knowledge of database systems and SQL, and ORM frameworks such as Django
  • Familiarity with common DevOps patterns and tooling in cloud environments, though there will be other devops engineers working with you
  • High-level project management skills, and facility with tools such as Jira

Roles and Responsibilities

1.     Expect hands-on coding and troubleshooting for ~50% time

2.     Design and implement responsive Web applications, API’s, services and data pipelines

3.     Implement best of breed security mechanisms for API’s / Web applications

4.     Build secure and reliable storage systems for handling customer and business data

5.     Resource and latency optimization to meet SLA requirements

6.     Take ownership of systems e2e to meet business requirements

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