IT Service Delivery

Technology-forward services for an always connected world.

Utilizing technology to identify and solve problems is our core promise to our clients. Not only do we provide customised services based on client needs, we also offer various products that address common quality-of-life improvements for corporates.

Mobile Development

Innovative and comprehensive mobile-first apps

One of our core groups is constantly working on innovative mobile applications for Android and iPhone. We also run a comprehensive learning program that trains professionals on various mobile development platforms, sometimes even on live projects to provide real-time experience to fresh consultants.

Some of the projects we have worked on are:

Web Development

Dynamic and interactive web solutions

Developing today’s modern web pages requires a deep background in a plethora of diverse scripting languages. While web development trends are rapidly diverging, we provide web applications training utilizing some of today’s most popular open-source and freely available resources, to give our consultants the experience and tools necessary for real-world applications.

We’re conversant in Web Servers (Apache/IIS), Web Graphics (GIMP), Website Architecture, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, query, PHP, SQL, Myself, Code Igniter, Google Analytics and more.


NAM is a preferred software development partner for two startup technology companies for development of their IT Service Management Automation Suite.

This Applications Suite covers ITIL framework-based modules and shall be developed over a period of 2 to 3 years with an estimated cost of half a million dollars.

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