Easy Device Management At Scale

Mobion is a Cloud Powered Mobile Business Communication solution which provides bundled Mobile VoIP communications and mobile device management services.

It brings “Enterprise mobility” to the organisation by means of efficient communication, meeting BYOD demands, enhances organisation’s productivity and allows to implement security policies etc.


From conferencing to security,
we’ve accounted for your every need.

In a Bring Your Own Device world, this product is an essential tool for organisations that helps enhance productivity by centralising secure communications and mobile device management.

Cloud Powered Mobile VOIP Communication

Mobile Client loaded in the Smartphone

Application Server Hosted In the cloud

Integration-Enterprise applications

Audio / Video Call

Audio / Video Conference

Office PBX Integration

Mobile Device Management

Secured Communications

Value Proposition

Low-cost, simple setup, massive gains

While saving on communications cost, roaming charges, maintenance, capex investment, companies gain incredible enhancement in productivity, integration of existing devices and secured local/mobile communication.

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