Recycle my battery

The initiative of 2 children, Nihal and Mihir, has already generated a lot of curiosity and awareness to the very important issue of what happens to the used batteries, remember, they are chemicals and need proper recycling. The initiative now a mass moment spearheaded by only children gives a very important message about saving mother earth from all the toxic chemicals that can pollute the groundwater and spoil the quality of soil.

NAM Info Inc., President and CEO, Mr. Vinay Mahajan had an opportunity to spend some time with these wonderful children especially Nihal and understand his vision to protect the environment. Vinay adds, “We as elders always want to teach children, but when I met Nihal I got the impression that the younger generation is taking up the challenge to save the earth that they have to live and something that we have created a mess of. I cannot be more encouraged to talk about this effort with as many people as I can and in which every way possible. Nihal at his tender age has already created a powerful team of young volunteers and I am very confident they will soon recycle a million batteries.”

As a part of the Recycling Batteries initiative, the youngsters are working to promote the responsible disposal of used batteries and to reduce the environmental impact associated with battery disposal. Their partnership with PureCycle and Battery Solutions affords them the ability to assist customers, employees, and the communities in this effort by providing recycling bins for your new and used batteries.

Recycle my battery or RMB in short requests everyone to pledge to recycle a battery by giving it at Staples or Office Depot or by leaving them in the bins that are placed in offices / schools / leasing offices.  We encourage everyone to visit the website and gather all the information about how and what to recycle.

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