Simplifying AP / AR process with AIML backed APAR

APAR - Account Payable and Accounts Receivables

An AI based Accounts Co-worker for the IT services and Talent Management service providers. With its inbuilt OCR capabilities, APAR extracts data seamlessly and pushes it to your desired ERP in a fraction of time allowing the accounts teams to focus on more productive needs of the business.


NAM Info Inc., an IT services and Talent Management company, today announced the foray into AI space with the launch of APAR an Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable AI co-worker, jointly developed in partnership with Finance Tech Unlimited, a pioneer in AI based accounting solutions on E42, an award-winning no-code AI platform.

APAR – is focused on the Talent Management industry requirements where multi layered partnerships are a necessity considering the demands of the various industries for technology developing community. The challenge identified is for AP & AR job functions to work seamlessly and to maximum potential, APAR AI co-worker helps businesses with –

  • Optimal Utilization of Working Capital
  • Efficient AR Collection
  • Plugging Revenue Leakage
  • Developing Real Time Dashboards

“Identifying & creating logical relationships between Billing & Payments based on our long experience in the field of Talent Management is the genesis of development of APAR, AI digital co-worker. Data points for better revenue management and decision making for the CXO while easing work of the team members was the focus areas. Once APAR co-worker is in place the team can work on more strategic initiatives,” said Vinay Mahajan, CEO & President, NAM Info Inc.

“Our AI co-workers fuel the journey of digital transformation in AP & AR job functions to move from data entry towards real time data driven decision making,” said Aloysius Deepak, Chief Revenue Officer, Finance Tech Unlimited.

“The possibilities that these Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable AI workers bring for enterprises looking at automating their finance function are limitless – we’re excited to collaborate with and help enterprises across the globe, embrace intelligent automation with APAR,” said Animesh Samuel, CEO and Co-Founder, E42.

About NAM Info Inc:

NAM Info Inc. (NAM) is a leading Technology & Services delivery and talent management organization operating in the software field for over twenty years. NAM provides strategic partnerships in areas of technology staff augmentation with a focus on value-adding talent. The talent force of IT professionals provides the necessary technical and business acumen for organizational success.

About Finance Tech Unlimited:

Finance Tech Unlimited (FTUL) is an amalgamation of finance and technology. FTUL has developed AI co-workers who specialize in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable job functions. The aim is to make jobs easy so humans can reach their maximum potential.

About E42:
E42 is the world’s leading no-code AI-NLP-powered cognitive process automation (CPA) platform to build multifunctional AI workers that automate complex people and process-centric functions driving enterprise cognition across processes.

Recycle my battery

Recycle my battery founder Nihal with Vinay

The initiative of 2 children, Nihal and Mihir, has already generated a lot of curiosity and awareness to the very important issue of what happens to the used batteries, remember, they are chemicals and need proper recycling. The initiative now a mass moment spearheaded by only children gives a very important message about saving mother earth from all the toxic chemicals that can pollute the groundwater and spoil the quality of soil.

NAM Info Inc., President and CEO, Mr. Vinay Mahajan had an opportunity to spend some time with these wonderful children especially Nihal and understand his vision to protect the environment. Vinay adds, “We as elders always want to teach children, but when I met Nihal I got the impression that the younger generation is taking up the challenge to save the earth that they have to live and something that we have created a mess of. I cannot be more encouraged to talk about this effort with as many people as I can and in which every way possible. Nihal at his tender age has already created a powerful team of young volunteers and I am very confident they will soon recycle a million batteries.”

As a part of the Recycling Batteries initiative, the youngsters are working to promote the responsible disposal of used batteries and to reduce the environmental impact associated with battery disposal. Their partnership with PureCycle and Battery Solutions affords them the ability to assist customers, employees, and the communities in this effort by providing recycling bins for your new and used batteries.

Recycle my battery or RMB in short requests everyone to pledge to recycle a battery by giving it at Staples or Office Depot or by leaving them in the bins that are placed in offices / schools / leasing offices.  We encourage everyone to visit the website and gather all the information about how and what to recycle.

The Technology Crystal Ball – The Ethos of Cryptocurrencies – EP 3

The Technology Crystal Ball

NAM Info Inc. promoted The Technology Crystal Ball is starting its 2022 journey with a high voltage webinar titled “The Ethos of Cryptocurrency”. The Episode 3 brings one of the most renowned evangelists of crypto world, Nithin Eapen.

Nithin Eapen is a CryptoEvangelist, Speaker, Investor, Mentor, Technologist and Entrepreneur.

He created the Belpointe Crypto Index (Bloomberg Ticker: CRYPTO) and bootstrapped ChanceRiver, a technology services firm, into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Before ChanceRiver, Nithin was the Chief Investment Officer for a Crypto Venture Fund, Investment Banker and a software developer.

Nithin has spoken as a keynote speaker or panellist at 100+ events worldwide on Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Trading, Investment, Startups and Technology.

He holds a degree in Engineering as well as a Masters’s in Financial Mathematics. His life stories go beyond an exciting path to entrepreneurship from being a market-maker on wall street, a poker player, a trivia-of-all-kinds fan and an avid squash player. He currently resides in Connecticut with his wife and five children.

The webinar, scheduled for 25th February, will explore the advantages and reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies and move away from the Government supported currencies which has for long been in use. The understanding of it becomes critical as world over governments are either experimenting or have already been implementing digital currencies.

Built on Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies do not give anyone a sense ownership and hence its one of the most democratic form of money that will be the future of how we all will be transacting. Already a few of the worlds largest businesses have started accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of money, which makes it even more important to understand everything about it from the crytoguru.

The technology crystal ball, a personal initiative of Vinay Mahajan, the founder, CEO of NAM Info Inc., is going to host people from various technology fields that can help everyone who is starting their careers or have been in the IT field for a while, to give a thought to what’s trending and how they can fine tune their skills at the right time.

Synergy 2021

Vinay with George Bush at Synergy 2021 Dallas

Synergy 2021, an Annual Networking, Knowledge sharing, and Products and Solutions showcasing, a signature event by ITServe Alliance happened at Hyatt Regency Dallas, Texas from 30th  Sept to 2nd  Oct.

NAM Info Inc. President & CEO and Co-founder of AAONRI, Mr. Vinay Mahajan, National Secretary of ITServe Alliance described the event as a mega event where over 1500 CEOs, technology leaders, and investors participate. Synergy is also a platform for innovators and entrepreneurs to showcase their products.

Hear our CEO Mr Vinay Mahajan speak at the Synergy 2021 event.

The event was graced by the 43rd President of the United States of America, Mr. George Bush.

Below are some of the pictures at the event.

ITServe Alliance: ITServe is the largest association of IT Services companies in the United States, protecting common interests and ensuring collective success for its 1200+ members.

NAM Info Inc.: NAM is a minority-owned technology-forward talent management organization. NAM enables a strategic partnership focused on matching client requirements with skilled talent. – a platform for the South Asian Community in the USA a website for the South Asian community

Nam Info Inc., announces the launch of AAONRI, an online digital social and e-commerce platform having a presence in the US/Canada and India that adds a new dimension for the South Asian community living in the US by enabling the immigrants to connect, share, buy, sell, learn, seek, register, apply, hire, benefit, grow and more.
Aaonri provides the best community support to the immigrants from the South Asian fraternity staying in the U.S. Aaonri is a one-stop-shop to all regular needs of every immigrant, right from seeking a household service to immigration services easily, securely, and quickly.

Team behind AAONRI
Abhimanyu Diwaker, a second-generation immigrant from India in the US, envisioned helping all the immigrants from South Asia. Abhimanyu came to the US at an early age and had his own experiences in adapting to a new lifestyle, in a foreign land. Realizing he is not alone in the ship, he decided to be the captain of the ship that will help all South Asian communities. The proverbial ship has now started to sail as a fast-growing digital platform ” AAONRI”.    

His mission now is to make the go-to website for all South Asians, spread its wings globally to provide all-round and comprehensive support.

Vinay Mahajan, President & CEO of NAM Info Inc, is the key sponsor of AAONRI. Being in the Staff Augmentation and Talent Management business Vinay closely related to the problem AAONRI is set to solve. With a big task on hand, he brings together the strength and experience of NAM Info to make the Community portal a success. Vinay has backed a few tech initiatives aimed at helping solve basic problems that can make a massive difference to an individual and improve their life.

B.J. Venkatesh, President & Head, India operations, is the second sponsor for this initiative. He provides the needed support for the conduct of the day-to-day operations. The backend teams created under his watch help build the system and the unending volumes of information that the immigrants may require. Along with Vinay, he ensures the projects initiated attain their logical conclusion.

We welcome you to join this fast-growing community and explore your personal space to:

  • Discover people from the same community and homeland as yours. You don’t have to go too far to make new friends!
  • Engage with like-minded people and grow your network. Your interests are unique to you. Get connected over events and activities that are common to your community.
  • Find support and advice pertaining to all things living in the US. Hear it directly from the experts, experienced immigrants, and authorized advisors. AAONRI not only connects people but also offers solutions to all the small to major issues faced by immigrants daily.
  • Access local products and services by using the unique Classifieds space on our website. You can buy or sell your products to the relevant audience. Be it a bestseller book or a pet or a pre-used car or an antique art piece, AAONRI offers an organized space for Classifieds related to your community.