The Technology Crystal Ball – The Ethos of Cryptocurrencies – EP 3

NAM Info Inc. promoted The Technology Crystal Ball is starting its 2022 journey with a high voltage webinar titled “The Ethos of Cryptocurrency”. The Episode 3 brings one of the most renowned evangelists of crypto world, Nithin Eapen.

Nithin Eapen is a CryptoEvangelist, Speaker, Investor, Mentor, Technologist and Entrepreneur.

He created the Belpointe Crypto Index (Bloomberg Ticker: CRYPTO) and bootstrapped ChanceRiver, a technology services firm, into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Before ChanceRiver, Nithin was the Chief Investment Officer for a Crypto Venture Fund, Investment Banker and a software developer.

Nithin has spoken as a keynote speaker or panellist at 100+ events worldwide on Bitcoin, Artificial Intelligence, Trading, Investment, Startups and Technology.

He holds a degree in Engineering as well as a Masters’s in Financial Mathematics. His life stories go beyond an exciting path to entrepreneurship from being a market-maker on wall street, a poker player, a trivia-of-all-kinds fan and an avid squash player. He currently resides in Connecticut with his wife and five children.

The webinar, scheduled for 25th February, will explore the advantages and reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies and move away from the Government supported currencies which has for long been in use. The understanding of it becomes critical as world over governments are either experimenting or have already been implementing digital currencies.

Built on Blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies do not give anyone a sense ownership and hence its one of the most democratic form of money that will be the future of how we all will be transacting. Already a few of the worlds largest businesses have started accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of money, which makes it even more important to understand everything about it from the crytoguru.

The technology crystal ball, a personal initiative of Vinay Mahajan, the founder, CEO of NAM Info Inc., is going to host people from various technology fields that can help everyone who is starting their careers or have been in the IT field for a while, to give a thought to what’s trending and how they can fine tune their skills at the right time.

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