The Technology Crystal Ball

Staff Augmentation is both a serious business and a noble effort as its going above and beyond helping companies get the right candidates and getting the candidates their desired jobs, it is also about shaping careers wholistically by guiding the candidates settle down and enhancing their understanding of opportunities. NAM Academy has been one such initiative that guided helped quite a few candidates to become industry ready by getting trained in in-demand technologies from industry experts. Its time to move over from plain vanilla ecommerce to actually talking of Data driven initiatives, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, 5G technologies, NLP, Robotics and more. Post the covid pandemic these technologies have found a stronger ground to grow faster and more aggressively. Any delay in adoption is only going to beat the businesses down the wrong alley.

Continuing the efforts, NAM is working with industry experts, involved in enhancing the future of technology driven solutions to launch a series of webinars aptly titled as “The Technology Crystal Ball”. These live webinar series will have episodes where experts discuss their experiences of how technology is evolving and what Software Development giants and smaller firms are doing to improve the pace of delivery to enhance value to the customer. For all individuals aspiring for better career opportunities the experts will throw light on how their space is evolving and what should the attendees be expecting.

Mr. Vinay Mahajan, CEO of NAM Info Inc is deeply involved with this initiative and will be moderating the sessions.

Episode 1 – The Technology Crystal Ball’s Webinar series

Episode one is titled – “Emerging Technologies that will shape the future – Riding career success wave with Agile transformation”

The speakers to this live event are –

Mr. Prabhat Singh, Agile Enterprise Coach and Instructor SPC 5.0

Mr. Anil Algole, Sr. Scrum Master / Release Train Engineer

Emerging Technologies that will shape the future- Riding career success wave with Agile transformation

Mr. Prabhat is credited with training and helping certify several Scrum masters and RTEs as part of his Coaching initiatives, who now guide the success of several projects at global scale in a distributed environment that conquer impossible. 

The webinar will discuss how the successfully hitech solutions are getting executed in a highly Agile format ensuring business and customers have access to solutions in shortest possible time experiencing great value to their needs. The panel members will help us understand how the PI planning is done, what is the importance of stories and how importance it is for the teams to socialise for better results.

NAM team is excited to make The Technology Crystal Ball a success in the interest of all those who are aspiring for careers in Information technology in the United States. Get all your questions answered by the experts.

Please register today at the below link to join the session.

Webinar Registration – Zoom

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