Silk Candy

For those paralysed by choice after their morning shower

The application enables the user to create, manage, add, delete, schedule, order, donate, discard, set preferences for their wardrobe items.

All these functions are GUI-based and most of the items can be attached to graphical images. Silk Candy Wardrobe Manager can also link RSS feeds for preferred sources with the app and can provide alerts for new arrivals.

How Silk Candy works


Will allow user to create the wardrobe for the first time.


Will allow user to manage their wardrobe moving items around, adding loaners, returning loaners, laundry etc


To set schedule for weekly, week end, dates, parties, events and suggested wardrobe items. An alert will be sent if item is not in the wardrobe and has been loaned or sent for laundry.

Add, Delete and Order

Will allow user to add, delete and set up alerts for ordering below a thresh hold level.


Will allow user to set up time period for donating or mark items for donations.

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